Specialists in installations of central gas systems i healthcare, laboratories and the process industry.

Short about Gatel.

Gatel is a technical consulting firm that focuses on central gas systems in healthcare, laboratories and the process industry. We carry out risk analyses and pre-installation planning, draw up classification plans and designs, conduct tests, and make cost estimates for all kinds of gas installations. With many years’ experience of the industry, major international clients, and being accustomed to working in both national and international projects, Gatel is a given partner.

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On behalf of AGA Gas and Linde Healthcare, Gatel has drawn up a large number of risk inventories of medical gas supply systems at several Swedish hospitals, covering all aspects from gas conduits and safety related to liquid nitrogen and medical gases to the location of gas tanks and manifolds, and the handling of cylinders.

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Gatel is a frequent partner of Sweco Systems AB in designing central gas installations for laboratories and backup gas systems at hospitals.

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A new university hospital, due for completion in 2017, is under construction in Solna. Gatel has been a member of the project team since the early calculation stages and is responsible for the design of all gas systems at the new hospital and for drawing up testing programmes.

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