Petter Karlsson, coordinator for medical gases in the county of Västerbotten.

Advanced backup gas system designed by Gatel

On behalf of Västerbotten County Council, Gatel has conducted medical safety inspections and risk analyses and provided assistance with cutting-edge competence in connection with several conversions and extensions at hospitals and care institutions in the county.

“Gatel have among other things designed a backup gas system at the University Hospital of Umeå. It’s a large and highly advanced system that creates good safety for the patients”, says Petter Karlsson, coordinator for medical gases in the county of Västerbotten.

The University Hospital of Umeå has come to be called “half Sweden’s hospital” because of its large catchment area. It is the biggest workplace in Norrland and a hub for medical research and development in northern Sweden.

The hospital’s backup gas system was designed by Gatel and secures availability and the supply of gas to the various departments. The backup gas system is extensive and passes through as good as all the hospital’s buildings.

“Now we have a dual system, which means that if the central gas system breaks down, life-sustaining gases can nonetheless be delivered to prioritised departments”, says Petter Karlsson.

In addition to their design work, Gatel have also reviewed and inspected many projects in Västerbotten. They have for example inventoried the National Dental Service’s compressor plants and made risk assessments of the installations. The company has also analysed the use of calor gas in healthcare and made risk analyses and drawn up classification plans.

“Collaboration with Gatel is excellent. They are highly skilled and also have experience of contractors. In the gas pipe industry you have to know what you’re talking about – and Gatel do”, says Petter Karlsson.

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On behalf of AGA Gas and Linde Healthcare, Gatel has drawn up a large number of risk inventories of medical gas supply systems at several Swedish hospitals, covering all aspects from gas conduits and safety related to liquid nitrogen and medical gases to the location of gas tanks and manifolds, and the handling of cylinders.

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Gatel is a frequent partner of Sweco Systems AB in designing central gas installations for laboratories and backup gas systems at hospitals.

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A new university hospital, due for completion in 2017, is under construction in Solna. Gatel has been a member of the project team since the early calculation stages and is responsible for the design of all gas systems at the new hospital and for drawing up testing programmes.

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