Gatel contributes cutting-edge competence for Sweco Systems AB

Gatel is a frequent partner of Sweco Systems AB in designing central gas installations for laboratories and backup gas systems at hospitals.

“Gatel have broad experience, both of design and construction and of contractors, and are very skilled when it comes to details”, says Ari Forsmark, heating, ventilation and sanitation engineer at Sweco Systems AB.

Ari Forsmark, heating, ventilation and sanitation engineer at Sweco Systems ABGatel have collaborated with Sweco Systems in many projects at hospitals and universities. They were for example involved in the renovation of the Chemistry and Physiology buildings at Umeå University. The two buildings have a floor area of 10,000 square metres each and Gatel were consultants and speaking partners in the planning of the systems for highly purified gases like argon, ethylene, helium, hydrogen, oxygen and nitrogen.

“Gatel have cutting-edge competence, which is important in this type of project”, Ari Forsmark says.

Gatel have also played an important role in the planning of the high-pressure laboratory at Luleå University of Technology, where experiments are conducted with special gases under high pressure. Many of the gases are toxic or explosive and some gases, for example helium, nitrogen, methane and hydrogen, are used at a pressure of 100 bar.

“The unique thing was that it was not possible to create an EX classed environment since many of the test rigs are built for unique experiments. But Gatel drew up a good proposal for functional documentation that formed the basis for the planning. They also acted as advisors, primarily as regards the safety functions, drew up risk assessments, and reviewed our gas plans”, Ari Forsmark goes on.

Gatel and Sweco Systems have also worked on a new backup gas system for breathing air and breathing oxygen at the University Hospital of Umeå – with the aim of tripling the security of the gas supply.

“The basis was a rough outline that Gatel drew up and they went on to act as speaking partner, expert and inspector in the project. Everything ran smoothly and Gatel’s contribution was considerable – and excellently executed. Their gas designs for the University Hospital of Umeå are also being used at the New Karolinska Solna university hospital. That’s as good a proof as any of their competence,” says Ari Forsmark.

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On behalf of Västerbotten County Council, Gatel has conducted medical safety inspections and risk analyses and provided assistance with cutting-edge competence in connection with several conversions and extensions at hospitals and care institutions in the county.

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On behalf of AGA Gas and Linde Healthcare, Gatel has drawn up a large number of risk inventories of medical gas supply systems at several Swedish hospitals, covering all aspects from gas conduits and safety related to liquid nitrogen and medical gases to the location of gas tanks and manifolds, and the handling of cylinders.

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A new university hospital, due for completion in 2017, is under construction in Solna. Gatel has been a member of the project team since the early calculation stages and is responsible for the design of all gas systems at the new hospital and for drawing up testing programmes.

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