Gatel is designing the gas systems for a new university hospital

A new university hospital, due for completion in 2017, is under construction in Solna. The hospital will have a total area of 330,000 square metres and the project is one of the biggest ever investments in healthcare and medical services in the county of Stockholm.

Gatel has been a member of the project team since the early calculation stages and is responsible for the design of all gas systems at the new hospital and for drawing up testing programmes.

Tore Styrman, Imtech VS-Teknik.Construction of New Karolinska Solna began in summer 2010 and will take until 2017 to complete. The new university hospital will provide the most advanced healthcare for the most seriously ill and injured, and conduct basic research, patient-focused clinical research and education.
On behalf of Imtech VS-Teknik, Gatel is designing all gas systems at the new hospital, which involves work with both laboratory gas and medical gas. The project demands high robustness and safety and separate systems are being built for each individual gas, for example for breathing air, instrument air, breathing oxygen, nitrous oxide, carbon dioxide and argon. For life-support gases, two separate independent systems are being built for each gas, which is delivered to all departments in separate fire-cells.

“We have also made the installation ready for a future purchase of a system to remove nitrous oxide, which is an environment-impacting gas. Together with Gatel we have also looked at solutions for handling anaesthesia gases after they have been used”, says Tore Styrman at Imtech VS-Teknik.

Hospital environments have very high requirements as regards purity for example. Undesired particles or dirt must not under any circumstances enter the gas system during construction. In their role as construction manager, Gatel have a great responsibility in this respect.

We are very happy with Gatel’s work. In my opinion, their skills are top class”, Tore Styrman says.

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On behalf of AGA Gas and Linde Healthcare, Gatel has drawn up a large number of risk inventories of medical gas supply systems at several Swedish hospitals, covering all aspects from gas conduits and safety related to liquid nitrogen and medical gases to the location of gas tanks and manifolds, and the handling of cylinders.

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On behalf of Västerbotten County Council, Gatel has conducted medical safety inspections and risk analyses and provided assistance with cutting-edge competence in connection with several conversions and extensions at hospitals and care institutions in the county.

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Gatel is a frequent partner of Sweco Systems AB in designing central gas installations for laboratories and backup gas systems at hospitals.

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