Lena Blomberg, Services & Project Manager, AGA Gas.

Gatel is a partner in risk assessment at Swedish hospitals

On behalf of AGA Gas and Linde Healthcare, Gatel has drawn up a large number of risk inventories of medical gas supply systems at several Swedish hospitals. These concern all aspects from gas conduits and safety related to liquid nitrogen and medical gases to the location of gas tanks and manifolds, and the handling of cylinders.

“Gatel know both Swedish and European standards in detail and can therefore always be one step ahead”, says Lena Blomberg, Services & Project Manager at AGA Gas.

In an often congested environment like a hospital, good planning and thorough risk assessment are needed in order to create the safety and robustness that the gas supply system requires. Gatel have been a partner of AGA Gas for many years and the two companies have carried out a great many projects together, including reviewing medical gas supply systems and the handling of liquid nitrogen at several hospitals.

“Liquid nitrogen is a very dangerous gas if it is not handled correctly. It can lead to suffocation if it escapes and causes the oxygen content of the air to fall. So it’s very important that the working environment is safe”, says Lena Blomberg.

Gatel have helped develop a new tapping point for liquid nitrogen to make the working environment safer. The tapping point looks like a small shower cabin with a door that can be closed. The actual tapping takes place inside the cabin while the operator remains outside – and is thereby protected. The cabin is equipped with an alarm and if the oxygen concentration falls, the tapping operation stops automatically – and cannot be restarted until the oxygen is at its normal level again.

“Gatel have the ability to think one step further when it comes to safety thanks to their extensive knowledge of both medical gases and gas supply systems as well as safety and working environments”, says Lena Blomberg.

Where to locate gas tanks and manifolds at a hospital is governed by strict regulations. Gatel have extensive knowledge in this area and can analyse a system and suggest possible locations so that gas supplies can be secured and the risk of explosions and fires minimised.

“Gatel also assist us when it comes to calculating and planning cylinder handling. Important wards at the hospital must have extra cylinders of, for example, medical oxygen in order to be able to help patients if something happens to the gas supply system. It is a very important task that Gatel are extremely good at”, says Lena Blomberg.

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On behalf of Västerbotten County Council, Gatel has conducted medical safety inspections and risk analyses and provided assistance with cutting-edge competence in connection with several conversions and extensions at hospitals and care institutions in the county.

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A new university hospital, due for completion in 2017, is under construction in Solna. Gatel has been a member of the project team since the early calculation stages and is responsible for the design of all gas systems at the new hospital and for drawing up testing programmes.

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Gatel is a frequent partner of Sweco Systems AB in designing central gas installations for laboratories and backup gas systems at hospitals.

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